Esencia Mexico

Esencia Mexico embarked in 2019 as an innovative project incorporating traditional Mexican art craft together with sustainable eco friendly materials to mark the path for sustainable fashions in Xitlali Designs.

The mission of Esencia Mexico is to bring light not just to the beautiful artisinal work of the indigenous women from various regions of Mexico but to also educate and share with others about their culture and traditions and in this way build community alleys and solidarity across borders with those who align with this ecological concept of sustainability in fashion while conserving and cherishing indigenous art craft traditions.

The idea of sustainable fashions incorporating Hemp fabrics together with indigenous art craft came from Xitlalis awakening towards the type of materials being used in her valuable creations.

Esencia Mexico empowers indigenous communities and unites them with aligned individuals who support sustainable development in the world while educating the people of these rural regions and foreigners alike on the importance of utilizing eco friendly materials like Hemp fabrics.

The Esencia Mexico line initiated by working with the Mayan communities of Chanchen Primero in Tulum. Traditional Mayan embroideries made from indigenous women of these communities were incorporated together with Recreator Hemp Fabrics in quality one of a kind pieces made by Xitlali Designs.

The vision is to continue working and expand to other rural indigenous communities in Mexico in a Fair-trade and Sustainable manner to help impulse their economy and in this way guarantee the wellness and rights of the original people from these towns.